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Posted: April 26, 2011 in General thoughts

To get a customers attention is not so hard is it? It is just to send them the message. Right?

This might be a clip that you have already seen before, but I belive it’s a good way to show a problem that marketers get when trying to send out their message. When the we are looking for something, in this case the amount of passes within the team, we tend to ignore the rest. But on other hand, when we get the new information we can not understand how we could miss the bear in the first place.
I think this can be applied to the marketing environment. Why would we pay attention to a lets say a car advertisement if we are not in need of a car? We do see the messages from the companies, but generally we tend to forget it just as fast. If I would ask you to mention the commercials and messages you saw yesterday, you will most likely not remember most of them. Which is understandable, we humans can not remember everything. We are after all “only” humans.
so when do we see and remember the message? Well one time would be when we need the product. If I am looking for a new car, then I will more likely notice and pay attention to the different car advertisements around. This is hard to track down though. There are a lot of people in the world that could at any given moment get the idea: Aha! today is the day that I give up this hopeless car that never works when I need it. For a company to be there at that given moment is more or less impossible and to get around this problem is not easy. Word of mouth, viral videos, guerilla marketing are some ideas that is brought up – some succeed others don’t. This blog will show some of the attempts of succeeding and I will write my view on why they will be remembered or why they will end up in the dustbin.

  1. alina says:

    uuu, the message can be so slippery

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