Lost in the river called Youtube

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Interactive, Youtube
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YouTube has all kind of videos. Amateur made videos, viral company videos, commercials etc. It is possible to find just about anything on it and companies has tried their best to produce viral successes with different results. But with YouTube came also the possibility for average people to create their own videos. This result in that 24 hours of material is uploaded to YouTube every minute. To get an understanding how much this is it’s possible to compare it to the major networks in USA. More videos are uploaded to YouTube in 60 days, than all the 3 major networks created in 60 years. It is said that the average person spends 15 minutes on the platform each day. It is easy mathematics to understand that if it each minute is created 24 hours of material and the consumer spends 15 minutes on the site it won’t take long before your message is gone in the river of videos called YouTube.

Many times a consumer generated video can generate many more videos than the original video itself. An example of this is ABC news interview with Charlie Sheen. It has now 11,3 million views. Which in itself might be much for an interview for the news. personally I haven’t seen this original video getting spread, but rather I have seen the remixed version. It came out roughly a week after the original and has now more than 24 million views.

This gives companies a problem. Not only do they need to compete for the attention from the consumer, but also now they have to compete with the consumer itself. According to statistics for 2010 there where close to 2 billion internet users in the world. Not all of them can most likely connect to YouTube because of censure or other reasons, but still shows that there is a big amount of people who might create videos.

So what can the company do? Delete their YouTube account, curse at the consumer and never visit the site again? It is possible, even though I would not personally recommend anyone to do this. Even if you are just a needle in a haystack your are still in the haystack, and as can be seen, it isn’t impossible to be found with a bit of effort:

To make it a bit easier to be found in the haystack the company could try to make the video viral with extraordinary material that creates feelings for the viewer. It might be humor, excitement etc. This might work very well, but it might also go bad. The company most choose if they will be sending their message while hiding or send a clear viral message. The difference is that the hidden one means they will try and make a “consumer generated” video. They shake the camera etc. on purpose to make it look like a none commercial message. There are a few problems with this though. It will end up in the crowd with other consumer generated videos. If they make them so special that they stand out from the crowd they also risk to stand out to much and get blown off as fake, with the possible risk of doing damage to the brand and create negative word of mouth.

Another possibility for an organisation is to use what they have that not all the consumers have. Money and knowledge.
If the content is right the consumer won’t care if it is commercial or not. What is right content then? This is impossible to answer. As written before there are close to 2 billion Internet users and all of them could possible have their own top 10. But what has shown to be a good start is, again as mentioned earlier, to create a message with humor, excitement, or why not interaction?

more and more companies creates YouTube sites that let’s the consumer interact with the site. I have earlier mentioned Tippex version with the “hunter don’t want to shoot the bear” It had 16.4 million views when I wrote about it and it has now gotten up to almost 16.5 million. (see Think new or think old for link)
Other examples are the video for Kung fu panda 2 with Jack Black which have had more than 50 000 views in less than a week.
The video lead to a new side that allow the viewer to put in things for the Kung fu panda to punch and by doing this the entire page shakes and breaks down. Effective? it is to early to say but I would guess it will go viral, especially when more and more people will search for the movie. After breaking down the screen the viewer gets to see different trailers for the movie. All in all a good way to spread the word for a movie. Even after seeing all the different trailers the viewer can still play around with the window and move different boxes to find more material.

Another example of a breakdown of the YouTube is what Warrior land shake it for Wii does:

(the video in new window: http://www.youtube.com/wariolandshakeit2008.)
Yet again the page shakes and breaks down, making the video stand out from the regular video that anyone can make.
They have also a video that lets the viewer activate its microphone and by doing this make noise according to what they ask you to do. Making noise is in itself nothing new, but making noise and see the effect on the site is different and it stands out from other videos and sites.

Others don’t go this far, but still lets the viewer integrate with the video. An example of this is Gillette’s commercial:
By clicking on different photos in the video, the video will show different results.

To make a video/site like this costs money, which most people can’t afford, making them more unique and therefore stand out from the standard. Although, the Gillette video is not only for companies. There are consumers making similar videos such as [you tube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOtOBUaLj24] allowing the viewer to play drums and piano on youtube.

So all hope is not gone for a company to find a safe shore in the river of YouTube, but it will take some effort to reach it.
The examples I have brought up here are just some of the ways to reach that shore. I will be posting more examples of this on the blog in the future.


  1. alina says:

    that is a very good description 🙂 and i’m having a good time watching the videos 🙂

  2. alina says:

    how could i forget?:) i’m your nr. 7 fan 😉

    • Perra says:

      Hehe, good. I will be posting a new blog post within a few days, and I can give away that it will most likely be about product placement. I hope you will read it! Cheers Pera

  3. Starla says:

    lool. that is a great idea! 🙂

  4. Bel says:

    i tried to get your RSS-FEED but feed site displays me some crazy xml errors…

    • Perra says:

      Hmm thats odd.. I don’t know how to work with RSS-FEEDs to be honest. I havn’t changed anything on the feed that wordpress brings though.

    • Perra says:

      after looking into it it seems like you most use the right sort of program to be able to read the RSS-FEEDs as your regular webb browser are not meant to read them. I also checked that my feed was valid, which it was so I would guess you have to update the program which you use for viewing the RSS in order to get it to work.

      Cheers 89perra

  5. Cindee says:

    i wanted to get your rssFEED but feed site shows me some XML errors…

    • Perra says:

      That is strange, I know that it gets some strange errors when you try and open it up with normal internet, but it shouldn’t be any problems if you have a program for it (which is needed as far as I know) I have open both my feeds in my phone to test and didn’t have any problem. I hope that things works out so you can get the RSS FEED.

      Thanks for reading
      Cheers 89perra

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