Product placement in movies and viral videos

Posted: July 13, 2011 in product placement
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An art that has existed for a long time and that is getting more and more accepted as times goes. A well placed product in a movie can make the sells go sky-high, just as a misplaced product might not get seen or even worse, make the consumer misunderstand when or where to use a product.  Also sounds from a product might sometimes work better than showing the product itself. Apple for example. They claim to never have paid for having their products in a movie and yet they are in many. To see an Apple computer with its logotype works well, but how about an I-phone? A phone is a phone and it can be hard to detect what brand it is, even though its characteristics. A way to solve this problem is to include the sound. In the movie “I love you man” Apple can be seen on many places. Everyone uses the I-phone and in order to make it noticeable and making it easier for the consumer to detect it they use the classic sounds from the phone, making it impossible to miss what phone they are using. The sounds like phone signals and “lock up the phone” sounds are frequently used.

Some companies try to make viral videos with product placements in them to place their product in the right context. Some succeeds and some doesn’t. Many believe that it comes down to who is the sender of the message. I recently made research on the area during my thesis just to get a different answer. Most people I interviewed didn’t care who the sender was. When seeing 6 videos with 2 commercials and 1 amateur made video, they claimed they would spread the two commercials more than the others. Why? Because they cared more of the video itself then the sender. If the message appealed to them with humor or other stimulus they would spread it no matter if it was Budweiser who made it. This gives the company a possibility to create a short movie and place the product just as they want it to be seen. This kind of video is different from a movie. A movie will be seen by millions, but the message might not get seen or misunderstood. In a company made video on YouTube it will be in its own context where the company wants to be seen, but they instead then face the problem to get people to see it.  As mentioned before though, if the video in itself is something that appeals to the consumer they will spread it and they will spread it to people who are similar to themselves. A video or a page can quickly spread to thousands of people. How? Well to exemplify. I often send videos to a friend of mine, posting them on this wall on Facebook. Even though I send it specific to him, all of my friends can see that I posted it on his wall. In the same way his friends can see when I post it. This means when I send a message to one person, 300 people or more can hear it. I am shouting thro a megaphone to my friend. If one of these friends finds it interesting he or she might post it on their own wall making another group of people see it.  Nothing bad that don’t have something good is a well used quotation. This also goes the other way around, nothing good that don’t have something bad with it. When a consumer chooses to scream in the megaphone and announce their negative experiences with a company, it will spread just as fast or maybe even faster. This as some people might create a group and join together in their disloyalty to a company. A thousand members in the group, and everyone has 50 friends on Facebook (which is an understatement as most people have much more friends than this.) then 50 000 people can see the group’s name. Facebook games such as Mafia wars also lets the users go together in order to get future in the game. This results in that some users on Facebook can have 1500-2000 or even more friends. If they choose to join a group or write an angry message… Then it is like a forest fire. Very hard to put out and the company should do their best to make it under control.

Cheers 89Perra.

  1. alina says:

    nice article from the product placement guru 😛 i like it how you said at the beginning that it is an art. it’s also an art to spot them. i sometimes miss them. sure, i couldn’t miss the extensive use of macs in the millennium movies 🙂

    • Perra says:

      Haha I am trained to spot brands in movies from my education. The more experienced marketers will find more brands.

      Thanks for reading the blog.
      Best regards 89perra

  2. Yinyin Li says:

    Great point .i like your example about apple . sounds commercial can be found in many movies but i ignored most of them . write more points… i can learn some from you ………:)

    • Perra says:

      @Yinyin Li
      Yes sence marketing is getting more and more used. To smell newly baked bread in the store or popcorn in the cinema is two examples of this. By using this companies might sell more to the consumer.

      Thanks for reading the blog
      Cheers 89Perra

  3. alina says:

    the Nokia commercial also appears quite often, with their typical and easily recognizable ringtone.

  4. norton says:

    Only want to say your article is as tonishing. The clearness in your post is simply spectacular and i can take for granted you are an expert on this field. Well with your permission allow me to grab your rss feed to keep up to date with succeeding post. Thanks a million and please keep up the ac complished work.

    • Perra says:

      I am honored by your words, but I wouldn’t call myself a expert in the area, I have simply studied marketing for three years. If I would say I have a expertice in anything then it would be viral marketing as I wrote my thesis about that area.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Best regards 89Perra

  5. Mat says:

    i think your article is as tonishing as well!

  6. Cameron says:

    And how does that mean? I do not understand anything.

    • Perra says:

      thanks for reading the blog. What part in the post is unclear? I can explain future if you tell me which part you are thinking of.


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