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Posted: August 6, 2011 in Social Media
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Facebook is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, social Media used by people in all ages all over the world. More people joins everyday and companies are following. If a company miss out to be on social medias they risk to not been seen at all by the consumer.

But to start with, what is a social media? I would describe it as an internet based site where people can meet up and socialize. Socialize might be everything from a small twitter message, a big blog post, a video site etc. The list can be made long. So why do people visit these sites? Simple. Humans are social creatures. We are taught from early years how to behave in a group and when reaching school age thoughts such as peer pressure and personal development get more common. Besides being social creatures humans can also be seen as lazy. By this I don’t think about normal teenage behavior of sleeping late and never wanting to do as been told, but the kind of laziness that is in our mind.  A simple test could display this. If you where to think of a French person, the first thing to come up in your mind is most likely a man who eats baguette, has a silly hat and drinks wine.  The same goes for an American from let’s say Texas. Most likely it’s a person on a horse with a cowboy hat. This is equally much prejudice as experiences. These different groups of people we have in our mind and the way we think of them are of course very personal and are different from person to person. When going deeper into different groups and cultures different unique points emerge. These different points divide the population up into groups. These groups are often actively persuaded by the why people within them and others who want to join the group. In order to be able to join a group the person has to first localize the different key points within the group and then copy these as good as possible.

Why would we want to be part of a group?

Well the expression “alone is strong” is not true in all cases. We actively try to join groups as we don’t want to be the lone wolf that sits on our own. Because if we sit alone we risk to be seen as strange and different and this is something most people try to avoid.
One problem with this kind of groups is that they have a lot of restrictions. A Texan person in Sweden will have a hard time to find a group for only Texan people. There is a few ways to work around this problem though. First off no one is having just one personality. When being with friends most people have one personality, when gathering up for the family dinner the second personality might emerge. A third one can be seen when being with the person we love. This only solves the problem partly as no matter how many personalities we have, a one man group is a no man’s group.

Another way to solve it is to be where the group is. This could be hard or impossible just a few years ago, but with the development of social Medias such as Facebook people around the world can gather up and everyone can feel like part of a group.  This can be seen from all the thousands of fan pages on Facebook that most of the time doesn’t have a real point, but still many join them.  A reason for this could be that it’s a part of the bigger group the person wants to be seen as. To like a “we love hard rock music” group as a rocker might show the bigger population that rock is the true passion in their life. The biggest benefit of this is that even though the persons in the group live in different countries and continents they will still be able to stick together as a group as they have internet.

To come back to what I earlier mentioned regarding being the lone wolf, Facebook and its possibilities for connecting people also attracts more users. The combination of quick and free registration and many possibilities to find contacts attracts more users.

Facebook is an everyday media for most young adults and it will take a lot of effort to remove them from the number one position of the customers. This can be seen in the article where two girls were trapped. They didn’t call for help; they rather connected up on Facebook and got their help from friends who called for help. Why? Because their friends where the number one choice and Facebook allowed them to connect.
But how can Facebook survive? How can they make a free service generate money?
To answer this a different question must be asked, who are Facebook’s customer? Easy answered, the users, right? I would like to say that organizations are Facebook’s customers and that their users are simply part of their offer to their customers. Why? They got access to their user’s database, showing not only name and age but location, interest and love life. This is valuable information for an organization that aims to find a small niche of the market. By having the possibility to show different commercials to different users, Facebook has a great position for personal selling.  So personal advertisement has one part of Facebook’s survival. A second part would be fanpages and similar that organizations want customized after their needs, and therefore generates money.
So let’s face it, as long as Facebook is number one social media the users will increase and not far behind will organizations follow.

The big question is; how long will Facebook stay number one?
Cheers 89Perra

  1. alina says:

    we have a saying here that goes: ”if you’re not on facebook, you don’t exist”.

    • Perra says:

      It’s here in Sweden too. Anything worth knowing is on Facebook. Or possible Google. Google + Facebook makes: Google +. Which might be the next post I will write.
      Thanks for reading
      cheers 89Perra

  2. Eliza says:

    Hej, I’ve just discovered your blog:) I’ve been willing to check it out since Sweden happened :D, but somehow I forgot to :D, So,…related to the topic: for me at first, FB was just a fun young environment, a way of getting in touch with my friends,(I mean it was meant for college students), but now it seems that FB is getting more and more popular and that of course has attracted everyone’s interests. It’s funny to see BBC or CNN, talking about some news they discovered it on FB, so it looks like it’s not fun anymore and it’s more business. Anyway, I think it’s a good thing that FB, finally, has some competition ahead 🙂 let’s just see how google+ will do.
    Ps: Have fun in China 🙂

    • Perra says:

      Yes Facebook goes more and more into a business style simply as companies and organisations follow their customers. And that major news teams follows Facebook activities are a result of all the people who are active there. A group can form within minutes and can fast get 100s of fans and this is a force that everyone should be careful about.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you like the blog.
      Cheers 89perra

  3. Nicedwarf says:

    I really dont belive in facebook power at all. I am not connected and still alive and kicking. For most people which dont work in companies “f” seems to be far to complicated to start. And its getting more complicated every week 😦 I dont see any reason why facebook might be popular in 2020. Soon some fella will creat new-one-clicking-extraordinary-super-extra soft/sphare/whatever which will spread like lightning in the internet. Why f is important to us? Possibly because we have some empty space inside and need something to fill it. It doesnt have to be facebook 🙂 I might be living in the forrest with wolfs but i will follow Perra in China 🙂

    • Perra says:

      Hey,first thank you for reading the blog.
      It is true that there will come something that is better then Facebook one day,just as F was better then myspace and simulair when it was created. But as it is right now F is the biggest out there which should be reason enough for organisations but also for private people. Facebook fills many functions for people. You get a chance to follow up on friends, see what you missed last week at the festival you didn’t go to etc. in order to beat facebook you most create something that is facebook – but better and that also dont look like a copy of facebook. No one will change for someting that isn’t atleast as good. Other sites should locate key persons in facebooks users who are active but also the center of different groups. If they can do this and convince these to change to site X they might get others to follow them. This in combination with facebook doing something their customers don’t like such as changing to much small things like they do now could possible lead to the death of facebook.

      A different aspect to consider though is that nothing stops the user from beeing active on two sites. (except for time and energy)

      Again thanks for reading
      Cheers 89Perra, writing from China

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