Google goes social media.

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Social Media
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Few have missed that Google has launched their latest social media platform, Google +. Their earlier examples of Google Buzz (a social networking, microblogging and message tool integrated with G-mail) and Google wave ( it combines e-mail, direct message, wiki and social media) can be seen as failures as they were ignored or ridiculed. Google Wave is even getting removed as it didn’t give the amount of users as they where expecting.  Google’s third platform, Google Orkut, are popular in Brazil and India but they are losing their visitors there as well. So they have had three tries, why a forth?

Question is for a company like Google, why not?

Google has the resources to keep trying. In their earlier experiences with social media is simply 3 ways on how to not success with social media (even though Google Orkut is working ok)
so what speaks for google +? Why is it any different from earlier sites?
Google combines most of its services into one big. The possibility to use YouTube, Google searches, getting contacts from g-mail directly to friends list, upload and edit images in Google pica etc.  All these services offers values to the consumer on their own and when combined it becomes an even better solution. Some say that they have copied from Facebook, which might be true. A lot of the site reminds of Facebook. But this does not need to be something bad as it lets people who are used to Facebook to easier get started.

Why do they wish  to be on social medias?
Well it is always an attractive place to be for an organisation, but Google might have another reason as well. Their main focus is their search engine and the information the user posts on social medias is valuable for them. They can easier use their personalized search engine based on our own interests as users. This in itself can lead to better pinpointed commercial directed towards the user and therefore more return for Google.

So finally, will this “kill” Facebook?

I generally don’t belive in that anyone else then the company themselves can kill of their websites. This as there is nothing that prevents me from being an active user on both Facebook and Google +. As long as I have a reason to go to both sites I will do so. Many people are active on both Google +, Facebook and for example LinkedIn. They are also social on Twitter, YouTube etc. This as they have their friends on different sites, and sometimes they don’t want one group of people to see their other sides. For example, many are afraid of letting their future boss see their Facebook pictures, so they send them to their Linked in account instead.

This also means that Facebook can only “kill” itself by doing things that the users don’t enjoy. Such things as actively changing to much and change features in secret from the users. This is something they are doing now, so if Facebook don’t take care they might just end up doing more damage to their site then building it up with their new features.

  1. Alyna says:

    it looks like now FB is trying to change and improve their site to prevent people from starting to use g+. it will be quite an interesting competition to watch and see who wins and HOW 🙂
    i kind of bet on FB. and i don’t think that they can coexist at the same level, one of them must win, because they’re kind of competing for the same thing. in such a market as social online networking it is practical to only have one big service where everyone can be found.
    or who knows? maybe google will do something completely groundbreaking and split the market, or completely win it over.

    • Perra says:

      Hello, Thanks for reading as usual 🙂
      Yes, Facebook feels the press from Google so they added some features from Google. There might be a winner but I still stick with that I belive that it’s only themselves that can stop their homepage. Google will have a big job infront of them to “recruit” all Facebooks users. So atleast from the start I belive that they will both exist and only the future can tell if one of them will give up the battle..

      Cheers 89perra

    • Perra says:

      Firstly, Thank you for reading my blog and secondly thanks for linking back to me 🙂
      I hope you found the post interesting and that you will continue reading the blog in the future.

      Cheers 89Perra

  2. Karen Millen says:

    Very interesting points you have mentioned, thanks for posting.

  3. IFRS Capitalization says:

    Many admire few know.

  4. Google goes social media. The world of marketing is the sh**, man! I am bookmarking it for sure.

    • Perra says:

      First thanks for reading and commenting.
      secondly I am happy you like my blog.If you have any suggestions for future topics just drop a comment about it.


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