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The experiment has now been up and running since the 17th of september and I will present the numbers I have gotten so far. The videos will stay up on YouTube so if you have future interest in looking into them you can find them on:
the 5 best banned car commercials
the 5 best car commercials

Before presenting the numbers I want to highlight that this is just a small sample example and the conclusions I will draw from it might not be possible to generalize to the entire population. However it should be possible to see where the numbers are pointing and that’s the point of this post.

Numbers, numbers, numbers…

the 5 best car commercials

The 5 best banned car commercials:

So what does all this say in the end? is it possible to make anything out of these numbers?
well -I´d like to see it as at least three major points:


no female has watched the “the 5 best car commercials” but 6% of the views of the banned version comes from women. This would roughly translate into 49 views. This could be translated into that men are more interested in car commercials then women and this could come from that cars has been are more man dominated area earlier on in history. The word “banned” often means a more fun/shocking/special commercial and this could explain the female views on this video. It could also be that a video containing banned clips are more favorable to spread – and that leads to the second point.

the big differences in views. the 600 first views of the banned video came within a week and after that the video has slowed down. The video has also been spread on different forums as well as Facebook and twitter, which shows the attractiveness for sharing this kind of video. The normal video on other hand has not been spread to as many sites and are still struggling to reach 100 views. Again as mention earlier, a video that has been banned often contain something special which attracts viewers and encourages them to spread it. Even though the material was the same, the normal video was not as attractive to spread as it is simply commercials.
the last point I will draw from this is the age of the viewers. This came as a surprise to me as I was expecting younger people to spread the videos to their friend and therefore attract a younger audience for the banned video. I also thought a more mature audience would search for normal car commercials and find their kind of video. However as can be seen above it happen to be the opposite that happen. The “young” audience of the age 13-34   watched the normal car video, but on other hand a age group spreading from 13-54+ saw the banned video. I am guessing this is connected with the second point in the fact that a banned video spreads more easily and are therefore more easy to find and will attract a broad amount of people. The normal video could possible be attracting a “young” audience that are looking to buy a car themselves. That generation is used to use Internet in order for them to find what they are looking for and turning to YouTube for commercials wouldn’t be far away for them.
There are more points to be drawn from these statistics and if you feel for it, post your thoughts regarding them in the comments below.Take care and thanks for reading.
Cheers 89Perra

  1. alina m says:

    very revealing 🙂 don’t we all love a bit of controversy?:P

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