“Sex sells”, this is a statement that is used in many ways both in commercials as well as in other media. A car show will always have an amount of women around the cars, why? Because they believe that sex sells. Any teenage college/high school  movies such as for example; American pie will contain more and more sexual content for each sequel. Why? Because they believe that sex sells.

Many organizations have tried to put in sexual subliminal messages in their commercials and movies/videos/commercials, for example Disney: http://www.subliminal-messaging.com/disney-subliminal-messages/# and many commercials have a clear sexual connection. However is it really true that sex sells so well that it is worth connecting ones brand with it and risk negative WoM around it?

I had the idea that sex indeed does sell, however I wasn’t sure on how effective it is compared to other kinds of commercials or for example banned videos that have shown earlier that they are effective ( see earlier post: https://89perra.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/the-effects-of-the-word-banned/)

Again the results presented might be because of the commercials chosen, their length as well as many other reasons. Also the videos have had a limited amount of views and this experiment might not be true for the general population but it should be possible to draw some general conclusions from this case.

To look deeper into these questions two videos were posted on YouTube. Video number 1 had connection to sex in the title as well as the 5 commercials being connected to sex in different degrees. This should therefore hypothetically get more views than the second video if sex sells better than other factors such as humor.

video number 2 contained 5 commercials. 4 of them were funny banned commercials and one of them was a sexual commercial to see if there was a difference when the message was unique in its kind compared to the first video where every commercial had the connection to sex. This video was also meant to work as a control video to be able to answer on if sex sells more than in this case, fun banned videos. The title on this video had connection to banned commercials.

The two videos were posted on YouTube at the same time on the same account as they had little in common they shouldn’t affect each other in any major way.

I will in the following two posts discuss the results, first one regarding if sex sells and second if it’s more efficient than other factors such as humor.




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