Banned? sexy? or both?

Posted: December 6, 2011 in banned commercial
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As I presented in the last post sexual videos will attract attention. The viewers will see the sexual parts of the commercials and even replay these parts before continuing. This could be seen as successful if the brand is built around these parts and therefore creates a brand or product awareness. At the same time as this  experiment took place I also launched a second banned commercials video. This was done to have something to compare with and be able to see just how effective sexual commercials are. In this post I will present these differences.

The control video was on the same account as the sexual video, resulting in some viewers seeing both videos and they might have contributed to each one of them. The commercials were also different and with a different target group. The banned commercials were mainly funny, but one could also be seen as sexual to see if there was a difference in interest when it was in the same video as other none sexual commercials. Regardless of this I still feel it is possible to compare the two videos as long as these kind of restrictions are kept in mind.

Video number 2 – 5 best banned videos

This video as mentioned was meant to work as a control video to see how well the 5 best sexy commercials were doing. I will start the discussion in the same way as the other video, by highlighting some different points in the video.

Arrow one is showing the end of the first commercial. This is a commercial that has focus on a fun message to the viewer. The arrow is in this case highlighting the area were the commercial comes to its climax and the brand is revealed. Between the first and the second arrow there is a high point as well – this is a banned commercial containing some nudity and just as in the other video the interest goes up when it comes to sexual content.  The final two arrows are on the points were the commercials end and the point of it comes through.

The demographics of this video shows that there is a slightly younger group who watches it as there were no 13-17 years old that saw the sexual commercials. Besides that all the age groups are represented. of course the commercials are not targeting every age group, but the fact that they are represented shows that there is a genuine interest for this kind of commercials no matter the age.

Another important part to look on is also the level of attention for the two videos. This video with banned commercials has a higher attention level than the other one. This means that the audience has gone back more in this video to re watch some parts than in the other, showing that there is a high interest for this kind of videos.

To continue and compare more between the two videos; yes, sex does sell. It had views and people would re watch some parts, however the viewers had focused on the sexual parts. These videos will also be spread on the Internet but question is why they are shared, for the sexual content or for the commercial itself?
Banned commercials are re watched in the end of each commercial were the “banned” aspect often is showed. This leaves the possibility to easier connect it to the brand. This video had also gotten more views at the date when these picture were taken ( same day as for the sexual commercials video). At the current date the difference between the two videos has gone up even more, making it easier to say that the banned commercials are more effective in this case.

However – sexy and banned commercials are not always separated. Many sexy commercials will be banned which could generate a higher interest. I do see ethical problems with generating a commercial in the purpose of getting it banned, however to create a pure sexual commercial such as the Pepsi commercial that is in the sexual video were there is no connection to the brand besides the logo in the end is questionable. I would say that these kind of commercials are doomed to backfire towards the brand and showing that “all commercial is good commercial” is not really true.

So some final words about this experiment:
sexual commercials sell, yes. However the content of the commercial is more important and people will prefer to see the banned commercials as these are often more connected with humor and there is a reason for them to get banned, resulting in a higher interest to see the “forbidden” videos.


  1. Jaz! says:

    Are you in some kind of sex-theme right now?

    • Perra says:

      Hello – yes it might look like it but it has been to much to put into one or two posts so I had to write it in a third one. I do have other experiments on the way with similar theme for the future but it will have to wait until next year before I post any results of that so for now this “theme” is finished.

      Thanks for reading and commenting

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