About the blog and me

What is this homepage about?

Some say that the reader needs to find something that interest them on a homepage within 30 seconds, or they will leave again. Others say that it is 5 seconds depending on what generation that are reading.
With this said the younger generation has most likely already left and found a new homepage and the rest are on the edge to get bored and leave aswell so most likely it is time to come to the point: What is this homepage about?

easy said: marketing.

Ok to make it fair I’ll explain future.

On this homepage I will present just about anything about marketing, no matter if its a tv commercial, gerilla marketing or youtube based messages.

Who am I?

I am a Swedish marketing student who has read 3 years of marketing. I have a high interest in social media and how the internet affects companies’ communication, but also how we consumers can affect the companies.

I try to read anything that mentions marketing and I spend alot of time watching viral videos and similar things.

Then came the idea for this blog, and that I could share the videos I find with others and write something about them.

  1. alina says:

    and you’re doing a great job, Perra! 🙂

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