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The blog changes name

Posted: June 24, 2012 in General thoughts

I have decided to finally change the name of the blog from
to The main reason for this is that 89perra was simply a beginner name for the blog and before i knew it I was stuck with it. The new name will hopefully help bring different viewers to the blog as well as giving a more serious impression.

I hope you will all follow me to the new blog and if not then I thank you for this time and I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog.

Over and out


Hello all.

The page on Facebook did get a shorter link today to make it easier to find.
The new and improved link is simply:

Later on today I will post about the statistics from the experiment that was mentioned in the previous post.

Cheers 89Perra

A few years ago two men from Sweden created a new music service. The idea was to spread music from the major record dealers to the consumer. The creators called this program Spotify. The service started with a small user group and to get access to the program you had to get invited by one of the people using the program or buy the premium account. The free version came with commercial breaks, which allowed the user to use the program for free. In writing moment there are also two paid services, one for 49kr and the other for 99kr a month. When paying for the service the commercial was removed and also extra features such as early releases and possibilities to play Spotify on a cell phone also comes with the premium accounts.
By having a big source of music and both having famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Iron Maiden and Michael Jackson they manage to attract many consumers who happily listens to commercial to get their music for free.


To create a unique commercial is important. No one want’s to feel like a copycat and be like others. To be first with something also brings the possibility to gain the likes from the public and therefore make anyone trying to do the same look bad – “Seen that, done that. Come with something new!”

But does it always have to be new? I don’t believe so. Of course as I just wrote it might not be the best idea to copy a active commercial or use others messages. In Sweden the phone company “3” did this and borrowed other companies characters in a bad way. This resulted in a comeback from one of the competitors with the comment: “Hi Tre. A tips if you want satisfied customers. copy this” ( I don’t have to say that “3” lost this one. It is important to keep a eye on the competitor, but as shown it isn’t the best idea to copy them in a bad way. But sometimes it is a good idea to copy. I am thinking of old things.


General thoughts

Posted: April 26, 2011 in General thoughts

To get a customers attention is not so hard is it? It is just to send them the message. Right?