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An art that has existed for a long time and that is getting more and more accepted as times goes. A well placed product in a movie can make the sells go sky-high, just as a misplaced product might not get seen or even worse, make the consumer misunderstand when or where to use a product.  Also sounds from a product might sometimes work better than showing the product itself. Apple for example. They claim to never have paid for having their products in a movie and yet they are in many. To see an Apple computer with its logotype works well, but how about an I-phone? A phone is a phone and it can be hard to detect what brand it is, even though its characteristics. A way to solve this problem is to include the sound. In the movie “I love you man” Apple can be seen on many places. Everyone uses the I-phone and in order to make it noticeable and making it easier for the consumer to detect it they use the classic sounds from the phone, making it impossible to miss what phone they are using. The sounds like phone signals and “lock up the phone” sounds are frequently used.