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YouTube has all kind of videos. Amateur made videos, viral company videos, commercials etc. It is possible to find just about anything on it and companies has tried their best to produce viral successes with different results. But with YouTube came also the possibility for average people to create their own videos. This result in that 24 hours of material is uploaded to YouTube every minute. To get an understanding how much this is it’s possible to compare it to the major networks in USA. More videos are uploaded to YouTube in 60 days, than all the 3 major networks created in 60 years. It is said that the average person spends 15 minutes on the platform each day. It is easy mathematics to understand that if it each minute is created 24 hours of material and the consumer spends 15 minutes on the site it won’t take long before your message is gone in the river of videos called YouTube.


To create a unique commercial is important. No one want’s to feel like a copycat and be like others. To be first with something also brings the possibility to gain the likes from the public and therefore make anyone trying to do the same look bad – “Seen that, done that. Come with something new!”

But does it always have to be new? I don’t believe so. Of course as I just wrote it might not be the best idea to copy a active commercial or use others messages. In Sweden the phone company “3” did this and borrowed other companies characters in a bad way. This resulted in a comeback from one of the competitors with the comment: “Hi Tre. A tips if you want satisfied customers. copy this” ( I don’t have to say that “3” lost this one. It is important to keep a eye on the competitor, but as shown it isn’t the best idea to copy them in a bad way. But sometimes it is a good idea to copy. I am thinking of old things.


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Posted: May 1, 2011 in Viral marketing
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Viral marketing. Many are actively creating it, but few knows what it is. The ones that thinks they know what it is will most likely give you different aspects. Some say it is electronic word of mouth, others say it’s a virus spreading from one person to thousands of thousands of others. It doesn’t get easier from the different ways of using it. should it be consumer generated? should the company admit that its their commercial?