The blog changes name

Posted: June 24, 2012 in General thoughts

I have decided to finally change the name of the blog from
to The main reason for this is that 89perra was simply a beginner name for the blog and before i knew it I was stuck with it. The new name will hopefully help bring different viewers to the blog as well as giving a more serious impression.

I hope you will all follow me to the new blog and if not then I thank you for this time and I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog.

Over and out

There are many cases and examples of companies that lie to their customers. For example by putting a product on sale that sell out quickly and then convince the customers to buy the more expansive product instead. Others promise good products that come with surprises that no one could expect.

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who likes commercials?
They are everywhere one might look; On TV, on billboards, on the traffic etc. This has resulted in that people are prepared to pay for avoiding commercials which is the reason Tivo:s has become popular. Most people will as a result of this assume that no one likes commercials and to have a TV commercial is a waste of money.

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As I presented in the last post sexual videos will attract attention. The viewers will see the sexual parts of the commercials and even replay these parts before continuing. This could be seen as successful if the brand is built around these parts and therefore creates a brand or product awareness. At the same time as this  experiment took place I also launched a second banned commercials video. This was done to have something to compare with and be able to see just how effective sexual commercials are. In this post I will present these differences.

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